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Huawei Launches New Solutions to Drive the Development of an Intelligent Society at Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018

Huawei Launches New Solutions to Drive the Development of an Intelligent Society at Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018

Leading New ICT — Achieve and Accelerate Digital Revolution with ISP


[Hong Kong, China] Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018 held today in Hong Kong gathered over 150 ISPs and industry experts from Southeast Asia to discuss how the ISP industry can advance digital transformation and unlock new opportunities to grow the digital economy in Asia Pacific. Under the theme of "Leading New ICT — Achieve and Accelerate Digital Revolution with ISP”, the Summit was attended by industry leaders such as United Information Highway Company Limited (UIH) from Thailand. During the Summit, Huawei launched its next-generation FusionServer V5 platform solution, CloudCampus solution, and FusionPower5000-S uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution for large data centers in Southeast Asia. These solutions are designed to accelerate ISPs’ digital transformation and enrich their services to enable a thriving digital economy.


The digital integration of ASEAN will propel the rapid growth of the digital economy and safe and smart life, to fuel national economic progress and drive the development of an intelligent society. As digital changes people's lives, ISPs in Asia Pacific are increasingly developing their businesses and driving innovative technologies in e-commerce, social networking, mobile gaming, mobile payment, and travel domains across countries. Together with governments and local enterprises, they are promoting the development of digital revolution and digital integration, and innovative ICT has become an important driving force in this new era.


To harness the full potential of the digital economy, it is crucial for ISPs to move towards a robust ICT infrastructure that will accelerate their digital maturity. Qiu Lei, Vice President of Marketing and Product Solution Sales Department of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, stated in his opening speech: "We are committed to empowering ISPs’ digital transformation and advancing their digital services by providing innovative one-stop ICT hardware and software infrastructure featuring cloud-pipe-device synergy to build an open, elastic, flexible, and secure digital platform. By adhering to the 'Platform + Ecosystem' strategy, we work with partners to meet customers' requirements on fast service deployment, elastic resource release, Big Data analytics, ultra-broadband data center interconnection, and VR and HD service access, enabling ISPs to achieve digital transformation and remain competitive in the digital era."


Traditional ISPs are undergoing digital transformation driven by the rapid advancement of new ICT including cloud, Big Data, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies; demand for distributed resources and backup; and more enterprises using cloud services. ISPs are now adopting cloud services to drive their business, and transitioning their ICT architecture from traditional IDCs to cloud data centers.


Wing Kin Leung, CTO of Marketing and Solution Sales Department of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, commented: "As a provider and innovator of cloud services and infrastructure, Huawei strives to help ISPs quickly transform by building cloud data centers with unified cloud management, application acceleration, agile provisioning, and energy conservation."


Huawei collaborates with ISPs and contributes to the robust infrastructure necessary to accelerate Asia Pacific’s digital growth.


Sunti Medhavikul, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of UIH, stated: "Huawei provides the cloud platform and DWDM technology to help us offer cloud services featuring high bandwidth, large capacity, and high reliability."


Huawei’s New Solutions Speed Up ISP Digital Transformation

At the Summit, Huawei showcased its latest solutions: FusionServer V5 platform solution, CloudCampus solution, and FusionPower5000-S UPS solution designed to help enterprises restructure their operations and infrastructure, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.


  • FusionServer V5 platform solution: Compared with the previous-generation, the new solution improves performance by 30% and enables fast deployment, system reliability, rapid service delivery, and scalability. For system reliability, the innovative Smart Fault MGM feature prevents 93% system faults. Smart Power MGM feature reduces system power consumption by 16%, facilitating O&M and reducing OPEX.


  • CloudCampus solution: Traditional networks have low deployment efficiency, complex network management, and high O&M costs. The CloudCampus solution enables enterprise users to perform wireless network planning, deployment, and O&M management in the workplace through new cloud management services, achieving plug-and-play for network devices. This solution shortens the campus network deployment period to days and reduces OPEX by more than 80%, increasing the ROI of smart campus. For managed service providers (MSPs), the solution provides a “self-operated” cloud management platform that can manage millions of devices, integrating distributed WiFi networks into “One WiFi”. Applicable to the education sector, the retail industry, and shopping malls, the solution enables MSPs to gain revenue exclusively through self-operation. The CloudCampus solution is already available on Huawei’s public cloud in Hong Kong, enabling xSPs to develop highly efficient campus network businesses with zero assets and a low technology threshold.


  • FusionPower5000-S UPS solution: The series integrates power distribution and UPS and supports the maximum capacity expansion of 1,200 kVA per UPS. With hot swappable modules, this product requires a small area and is easy to install. The maintenance period is less than five minutes. If a fault occurs, users can perform online maintenance, greatly improving system availability.


Huawei Empowers ISPs to Unleash the Potential of the Digital Economy

Huawei aims to help ISPs foster digital innovation to strengthen local digital economies across the region. During the Summit, Huawei showed how it is enabling ISPs to transition from DC to Cloud Service, Dark Fiber to Cloud Fiber, and IAP to MSP.


  • DC to Cloud Service: Huawei’s cloud data center network features elastic scalability, easy O&M, and agile deployment, and an energy-saving technical solution with modular design. In addition, visualized tools for business design help complete business computing, storage, network, and application resource allocation within 10 minutes. The innovative SDN is compatible with traditional network solutions and integrates software and hardware to reduce the configuration workload by 90%.


  • Dark Fiber to Cloud Fiber: Huawei’s solutions include interconnection switching devices designed with innovative SDN architecture and Cloud Fiber. This enables ISPs to implement fast transmission, flexible scheduling, and fast migration of data on a wide area network (WAN), and build and support virtual bandwidth operation services.


  • IAP to MSP: Huawei demonstrated its rich service access capabilities to help IAPs improve competitiveness in bandwidth acceleration, such as full-service GE access network as well as HD video and Big Data transmission at high bandwidth and low latency.


As a leader in the ICT field, Huawei has provided solutions for more than 1,000 Internet companies and data center service providers in over 50 countries, helping enterprises restructure their operations and infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation. For more information about Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit, please visit:



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